Specialists in the manufacture
of fragrances, beauty and air freshening products

We are Neum

Specialists in the manufacture of fragrances, beauty and fragrance products with more than 30 years of experience working with the best retailers in the global market. Always focusing on adding value to people with our ability to adapt and flexibility as a company. We offer a comprehensive service, all the knowledge and know-how of the team is always available to our customers.

We have a laboratory formed by a technical team of professionals with extensive experience in the perfumery, cosmetics and air freshening sector. A wide know-how that allows us to carry out a 360º product development from the idea to the point of sale. We are certified with the high level qualification by the IFS Global Markets HPC standard.

An expanding project

More than 30 years innovating in the manufacture of cosmetics, perfumery and air freshening products.

Beginning of the business activity.

Creation of Jesús Gómez SL and the brands La Casa de los Aromas and Flor de Mayo. Consolidation of the company as a specialist reference in the sector.

The pace of the company's growth allows the move to a larger building.

First major process automation.

Arrival of a new family generation and hiring of qualified professionals, strengthening the business structure.

Commitment to internationalization and the opening of new markets.

With the appointment of Mª Jesús Gómez as the new CEO, the first Strategic Plan (2016- 2019) begins. The internal structure is redesigned, with a cultural and organizational change, and investments are made in automation and technological innovation.

The 2nd Strategic Plan (2019- 2021) is carried out with an investment of 1.3m Eur for the expansion and automation of the facilities, the total quality model is implemented and a new digital business unit is started.

Continuous improvement in all areas, incorporating young specialized professionals, focusing on training, the search for efficiency in processes and digital transformation.

3rd Strategic Plan (2021-2024) 360º brand strategy committed to improving positioning and consolidating digital transformation. Efficiency of plant processes, IFS achieved by the end of the year.

Commitment to brand positioning and international focus. Change of the company's name to Laboratorios NEUM Spain S.L.

Focus on internationalization and greater capillarization of the domestic market, strengthening the company's own brand.

Our essence

To grow without losing the values and essence of the family business.

Gómez Family - Palamos

What moves us:

To satisfy the needs of today's consumer, in personal care and the creation of unique atmospheres in the home. We achieve through the aroma that our customers live unique sensations.

What guides us:

To be the brand that leads the evolution, expansion and democratization of the category, becoming the reference for the new generations of consumers and for distribution: for its vision, values, enthusiasm, capacity for innovation and adaptation to the needs of the market.



From the importance of people. The team's talent is one of the company's most important assets. We are like a solid and united family, where everyone is a key piece in the process.


We carry out our business activities with diligence and seriousness, fulfilling our commitments and generating trust among employees, customers, the environment and society.

Continuous improvement

As a habit in the company to learn from experience and constant training, optimizing each process continuously to improve the quality of products and services in the long term.

Customer proximity

We cultivate long-term relationships, we adapt to the needs and times, with the aim of providing maximum satisfaction and added value. Our customer orientation leads us to develop a particularly close and agile service.


We have a team with initiative and action focused on generating efficient solutions and improvement for any project. A resolute team that ensures the satisfaction of all customers.

Commitment and effort

A motivated team that develops its activity at a higher level of involvement, energy and will. Passion and enthusiasm for each project are our driving forces.

Neum Team


We are aware that the success of Laboratorios Neum is based on the strength of the team, each person is essential for the proper functioning of the company. We have a qualified, committed, passionate team with pride of belonging. WE ARE A BIG FAMILY.

Our 5 senses are put into everything we do. We ensure compliance with total quality standards, customer satisfaction and active listening, through a market analysis that allows us to offer current and innovative proposals.

We have a large team of marketing experts, economists, chemists, pharmacists, engineers, sales people.