We are Neum, a Valencian company with our own laboratory near the Mediterranean Sea. The energy, vitality and nature of the Mediterranean has inspired us over the years, it has been very present in our culture as a company and in the creation of our aromas.

With more than 30 years of experience in the development of formulas, ambiance and cosmetics, our way of being has made us grow without losing the values and essence of the family business.

Our beginnings date back to 1992, when Jesús Gómez, María Molins and Ángel Palamós decided to create a company for the development of cosmetics and ambience, with the aim of transferring all that the Mediterranean brings to the world. Little by little, they were building a solid company, until what it is today: a company of more than 160 people and expanding its frontiers.

Passion as company DNA

We are from the Mediterranean

Our driving force has always been the passion, enthusiasm and professionalism with which the team has worked. As a company we feel identified with the Mediterranean culture: cheerful, vital, optimistic in our DNA. The influence of the sea, the breeze, the light and the Mediterranean flora are identified in each of our projects. Each challenge, each project, we defend with dynamism, passion, flexibility and 100% dedication, we are committed to each of them to offer the best as a company and create long-term partnerships with our customers.

Borders are not in our dictionary

To infinity and beyond.

Borders are not in our dictionary, since limitations do not allow us to see beyond or even prevent us from exploring new concepts. At Laboratorios Neum we work to go beyond our borders, to create solid and lasting relationships over time with our customers, always focusing on adding value to people with our ability to adapt and flexibility as a company.

Creating excitement and unique experiences


The ILLUSION characterizes us as a team and we try to transmit it to every project that comes our way. We are a new way of understanding and enjoying cosmetics and ambience that goes beyond a simple product. The enjoyment and the creation of experiences is what moves us in everything we do.

Always focused on the consumer, we create, formulate and design products for each of their moments. In order to create experiences that make you enjoy a Flor de Mayo and La Casa de los Aromas product.

Our facilities


Our industrial expertise and know-how of more than 30 years has allowed us, during these years, to build a process adapted to the strictest quality and market measures with an increasingly qualified team.